The First Quarter Ends

Blah, blah, blah. Ramble, ramble.

Blah, blah, blah.

The last days of March just said goodbye and I haven’t written anything here yet. I know, I know. I broke my own promise. As Septa Unella told the rabid crowds of a fictional universe, “Shame! Shame!”

But I won’t give up. I’ll try once more to write something, just like how I’m typing silly words to fill up this post right now. It’s not like I never thought of posting here, but it was my taste for perfection that kept me from writing. A stupid reason because nothing could ever be perfect.

So here I am, squirming for words time and again, even if they are just empty and hollow (redundancy alert), I know they must be written. For someday, they will bear a weight of their own. For now, I have to be content with posts of nothing but ramblings.

The Promise of Next Year



Three years – that’s the time it has been since I last posted on this blog. If anything, I never thought that I’ll be posting here again; yet, lo and behold, here I am scribbling for words to write anew. I’m not entirely sure why I stopped posting (procrastination and laziness, probably), but something is urging me to continue whatever I left off. Maybe I just missed sharing my ideas; maybe it’s myself telling me to develop my writing career; or maybe it’s the promise of next year.

Many things have happened in the past, but not much that counts. 2016, for example, has been awfully quiet for me despite the terrible news the year brought. Celebrities have been dying here and there, and I couldn’t care less as I stayed home doing the things I always have.

Next year is different though, or at least that’s what I tell to myself. I might have said the same thing last year, but surely one year is different from the last. New years mean another chapter in our life, and I look forward to flipping those pages one by one. So, here’s a new post to embrace the new year that is to come.

fear god atheist

God-fearing — I’ve heard the term too many times, and I don’t like it. It’s a word that people use to describe those who fear their oh-so-loving-god. Did you see what I don’t like there? Fear of a loving god. I mean, why the hell  would you be scared of someone or something that is supposed to be all-loving? That’s one irrational fear equivalent of a phobia. Maybe we should call it Jesusophobia. Yeah, let’s just call it that. (Actually, there’s already what we call theophobia, but Jesusophobia sounds so much cooler, so let’s just stick with that.)

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Image From Unccharlie.Xanga

Image From Unccharlie.Xanga

1. Waking up beside the person who completes you

2. Spending some quality time with your family/friends and bonding over the little things

3. Finishing your to-do list on time Read the rest of this entry »

raindrops sorrow sad

Image from RichardxThripp’s DeviantArt

The sky was dark yet so beautiful. The rain started to fall. Countless raindrops met my body as I tried to dance while  ignoring the piercing cold. I looked above the gloomy sky and wished for the warm sun to come. I closed my eyes  as the cold embraced all of my body. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Dead Cupid Valentines Day Single

Image from TimesUnion

Oh, look! It’s Valentines—bitter singles’ most dreaded day. On the bright side, it’s also S.A.D., as in Singles Awareness Day. It’s a holiday to celebrate one’s life of being an independent individual, romantically speaking. Read the rest of this entry »

Image from Well Being

Image from Well Being

1. Live simply, laugh heartily, and love unabashedly

2. Live your life. Screw what others think

3. Don’t be a second rate version of others. Be the best version of yourself Read the rest of this entry »